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WireLogic WL SPEAKER CABLE 5M 16-Gauge Speaker Cable

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    WireLogic 5m (16.4 ft.) 16-Guage Speaker Cable Increase the detail in your Hi-Fi and Cinema system by upgrading to speaker cable from Wirelogic. Speaker cable often contains hundreds of minute copper strands, braided loosely together. The strands create a stumbling block that gives a greater chance of distorting, adding hisses, pops, and crackles to your favorite album or movie. By using fewer, thicker strands, WireLogic passes the audio pristinely from your reciever to your speaker. Analogous to riding a surfboard, the signal rides on top of the cable, rather than through it with less transitioning and lower chance for noise. Ideal for most cable runs under 50ft., improve your audio with WireLogic 16-Gauge cable today at Huppin's. Description WireLogic 5m (16.4 ft.) 16-Guage Speaker Cable Hear more detail in your music and theater with speaker cable from Wirelogic. Most speaker cable today offers hundreds of tiny strands of copper loosely twisted into braid. The more strands creates are greater chance of distortion, and noise detracting from your favorite album or movie. WireLogic uses fewer, and noticably thicker strands to pass the signal cleanly from your amplifier to the speaker. It's similiar to riding a surfboard, the signal can ride on the outside of the cable with less transitioning and lower chance for noise. 16-Gauge cable is perfect for most speakers with less than 50ft to run.

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